Standard Code

A friend asked me to help him build a website for his pallet recycling company and soon after other opportunities became available. I recruited two others to join me and we officially formed Standard Code. Not long after getting started, we helped the Task Force for Global Health on a data project. We did a good job and soon found ourselves doing a lot more work in the global health world.

Standard Code now partners with the most impactful global health organizations, like the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the CDC, the Task Force for Global Health, the World Health Organization, GSK, and Merck. It creates custom solutions and Secure Data Kit, a user-friendly health data toolkit that is engineered to work anywhere in the world.

My Contribution:
Founder Brand UI Development HTML/CSS Javascript Rails Development



Standard Code is a group of people who understand data and technology and who partner with the best global health organizations in the world. The homepage is a simple representation of that core message.

Internal Tools


We built a handful of internal tools to increase our team's performance. This screen is our weekly to-do list. Each Monday, we load up what we want to accomplish during the week and, each Friday, we review our results. We enjoy building new technology and probably over-invested in internal tools, but it helped us create a stronger team culture and better functioning team.