Momentum Telecom

Momentum's user portal is key to its business, but it had not had a major redesign since it was first built. I worked with the executive team to define the key requirements and redesigned the portal with a focus on usability and the mobile experience.

Early metrics show that the redesign led to a 26% increase in usage and positively impacted the company's sales.

My Contribution:
UI Design HTML/CSS React Components

Portal Dashboard


I built a design system that incorporated the UI for all major components. Once the executive team signed off on the direction, I built out the React components and assembled each page.

Portal Form


The portal has a lot of settings that had been added over the course of a decade. This led to inconsistencies that created a lot of confusion for users. I focused on defining what form elements were needed and how they should behave. The resulting consistency was perhaps small, but the most substantial improvement to the user experience of the portal.