Hi, I'm Jared Malan.

I build companies and products that relieve unproductive suffering.

I started thee companies: Secure Data Kit, Standard Code, and We&Co, and worked for a handful of others.

I'm currently working on my second and third companies, Standard Code and Secure Data Kit. Standard Code partners with global health organizations to eliminate diseases all over the world. Secure Data Kit is a data health solution used by those same partners, including the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the Center for Disease Control, the World Health Organization, Merck, GSK, and Ministries of Health throughout Africa.

My first business, We&Co, helped hundreds of thousands of service professionals have a better work life.

My specialties are problem-solving, team formation, and design & development.

I live in Prague with my wife, Erin, and my kids, Finn, Liv, and Gray. Before that, Atlanta, Nairobi, South Bend, Anchorage, Berlin, and Provo.

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